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Carpet Cleaning North Hempstead

If you live in beautiful North Hempstead, NY and have carpets, then Carpet Cleaning North Hempstead should be your next call. North Hempstead is known for its high quality of life, partially due to the summer season when the beach is the place to be.

Family outings playing in the sand and water are wonderful occasions and coming home to a nice clean home is a great comfort after such a long day. While wet bathing suits and icky sandy towels ought to go straight to the wash bend, we all know they often end up on the floor. While you might not notice it, this moisture, and the bacteria located within the sand particles, are wrecking havoc to your carpet's quality and durability.

Carpet Cleaning North Hempstead offers several carpet cleaning services which are guaranteed to sanitize your carpets and disinfect them from bacterial exposure.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services:

  • Industrial Strength Shampoo - This particular type of product is not available for the regular consumer because it must be used under the guise of a professional. In combination with our steam and dry cleaning, this shampoo will help bring dirt and grime to the top layers of your carpet, leaving a fresh as new smell behind.
  • Steam Cleaning - By far our most popular treatment, steam cleaning essentially brings your carpet back to new. Our truck mounted steam cleaner is operated by our expert technicians and together they will remove every bacterial particle in your carpets by literally steaming and then vacuuming them away. This service ensures a disinfected and sanitized carpet.
  • Stain Removal - If you are in the market for a carpet cleaner and have children or pets in the house, perhaps a professional stain removing service could come in handy. There's no telling what your children have spilled or how long it's been there. Don't take chances on making the stain worse or permanent, let us take care of for you while we're already cleaning the rest of your carpet.

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We love the beach too, but we at Carpet Cleaning North Hempstead want to educate our community members about risks of leaving wet items on the floor. Such areas are known to be breeding areas for mold and mildew.

If mold or mildew develops in your home, the cost of repair is magnified. Don't' wait until it's too late. Call Carpet Cleaning New Hempstead today and find out about our carpet cleaning services and don't forget to ask about our specials!

Carpet Cleaning North Hempstead

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