Is It Challenging To Get Rid of Mold From Your Home?

Dealing with mold can be pretty tricky. It may not be visibly evident how much harm you will be exposing yourself to when you try to get rid of mold without professional help. DIY techniques are not as effective against mold as professional mold removal.

Can You Get Sick From Being Exposed to Mold in Your Home or Business?

Absolutely! Whether you are allergic to mold or not, it can make you sick when exposed to it in your home or business. However, how soon you fall ill and the symptoms you get will depend on the overall state of your health, your proximity to the mold, and how long you are exposed to it.

Basically, mold triggers allergic reactions like nasal congestion, skin rash, sneezing, and running nose in people who are allergic to mold. It can also cause a lineup of other respiratory problems, especially for the elderly, younger children, and people with immune deficiencies.

How Mold Remediation Works

When you reach out to us at Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Hempstead, we carry out mold remediation in your home and business via the following process:

Inspection and Testing

We first run inspection and tests on your property to establish the presence of mold, as well as the type of mold. For this process, we use industrial equipment like hygrometers, particle counters, and infrared cameras to look for mold where the unaided eye can't find it.

Mold Mitigation

Upon uncovering mold in your home or business space, we contain the contamination by sealing off the affected area. This process ensures that other parts of your home are not unduly exposed to mold during our remediation process.

Mold Removal

After containing the mold, we carefully remove it from your premises. We also deep-clean host items and surfaces to completely eliminate the growth. However, unlike most DIY techniques, mold removal is not the end of our service.

Mold Remediation

After removing visible mold, we also rid your space of mold spores by scrubbing the air and eliminating the conditions that foster mold growth. Materials damaged by mold are also removed to prevent any further mold growth.

Preventive Measures

Our preventive measures against mold growth include antimicrobial treatments, thorough drying, and dehumidification.

Restoration Services

Upon your request, we also restore the areas of your home that have been affected by mold. This process may include things like painting walls and replacing carpets.

Where Mold Comes From and How to Prevent It

Mold is simply part of the natural ecosystem. Their spores are present in virtually every place life exists, but in varying degrees. The degree to which mold spores exist in a place would depend on how conducive that place is to mold survival.

Mold needs moisture, a food source, and the right temperature to survive. You can prevent mold growth by ensuring that these conditions are not available in your home. As a first step, always seek professional water damage remediation services when you have flooding, plumbing, and water leakage issues in your home. You should also seek professional help for unusual humidity issues.

Can You Get of Mold Completely?

If you mean entirely ridding your home of the dangers of mold growth, then yes. With the help of experienced mold remediation professionals from Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Hempstead, you can completely rid your home of the hazards caused by mold. On the other hand, it is pretty impossible to make your home 100% free from mold spores. Yes, our advanced air scrubbers will clean out the air in your home and make it good as new, but mold spores can be found everywhere - including the air outside your home. So, it is very possible to have some spores hitch a ride into your home, even after we've cleaned up for you.

However, as long as you repair or mitigate any dampness or moisture issues that may arise in your home, mold spores won't stand a chance to grow in your space.

Why Is Professional Mold Remediation Better than DIY Techniques?

Professional mold remediation is better than DIY techniques of mold removal for three critical reasons:

  • Professional mold remediation remediates mold from its root, while DIY techniques focus on physically cleaning out mold. Bleaches, detergents, and baking soda alone does not remove mold because mold does not merely grow on the surfaces of their host materials. They grow into fabrics. Hence, DIY techniques only remove the visible parts of mold and never the whole thing.
  • Professional mold remediation contains mold without putting your health at risk, while DIY techniques further expose you to the dangers of mold. Our mold remediation specialists ensure that the affected areas of your home are adequately contained before any mold remediation process begins. Worse still, when you try to get rid of mold without professional help, you can spread mold spores to other parts of your home.
  • Professional mold remediation curbs future mold growth, while DIY techniques will have you repeat the same futile actions in the very near future. When our techs remediate mold from your home or business, we also prevent future mold growth - provided you do not make your home conducive for mold in the long run. But with DIY techniques, there is no consideration for the future, as you'll probably end up hauling your DIY kits to the same spot after a few days.

Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Hempstead Eliminates the Challenge of Mold Removal

Now you know that DIY removal techniques are not effective against mold. Instead, they make it even more challenging to get rid of mold from your home or business. If you live or do business in Hempstead, NY or its environs, call Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Hempstead at 516-500-3774 soon as you suspect the presence of mold in your space. We have experienced professionals who work with the best mold remediation equipment. Our timely mold remediation service will save you from much larger, more costly damage in the future.


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