Professional Rug Cleaning in Hempstead, NY

We at Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Hempstead take pride in offering a wide range of professional rug cleaning methods. With us, your rug is in excellent hands. Our services include rug cleaning for commercial and residential needs, where our experts wash, dry, and groom the rugs. We use gentle cleaning supplies and modern equipment to ensure that your rugs are well cared for.

Whether it is an antique hand-woven masterpiece or a trendsetting modern rug, we have the right solution for cleaning any of those. We use different techniques based on the fiber type. Whether it is wool, silk, or synthetic, our rug cleaning specialists in Hempstead will treat it with care and consideration, as if it were our own.

The Best Rug Cleaner

There is fierce competition in the rug cleaning industry. It would be easy to be part of the crowd, but we want to stand out. Our team guarantees 100% customer satisfaction on every job we do. This way, you know that our quality is top-notch! Over the years, thousands of clients have trusted us to clean their area rugs or imported rugs. And we continue to offer first-class rug cleaning services to each and every client.

Environmentally Safe Rug Cleaning Service

We only use safe, eco-friendly products for all of our rug cleaning methods. With our cleaning solutions, we ensure the right balance between safety and effectiveness, making your home or business cleaner than ever before. With green cleaning, you can now feel safe with your kids playing on the rug right after the cleaning.

Our Rug Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning

It doesn't matter how often you vacuum your area rug, it will still collect dirt over time that the vacuum will not remove. To make your rug truly clean, you will need to get it professionally deep cleaned every once in a while. Another advantage of this professional service is that it will make your rug completely allergen-free.

Rug Care and Protection

Keeping your property clean with regular area rug cleaning not only reduces the risk of illness but also prolongs the life of your rug. We can help you achieve those goals with our rug care.

A harsh rug cleaner can cause your rugs to discolor or tear more easily. You don't need to worry about possible rug damage when you hire our rug cleaning services in Hempstead, NY. We only use safe cleaning products that are specifically designed for your rug fiber type and will protect your rugs for years to come.

Pet Odor Removal

If your pet had an accident on your rug, the odor will most likely linger for a long time even if you clean it up right away. But it does not have to be like this. With over a decade of experience, we know how to deal with problematic rug odors.

Stain Removal

No matter how tough, no stain will withstand our area rug cleaning or oriental rug cleaning services. Our rug stain removal methods will restore your rug to its former glory.

Cleaning Oriental Rugs vs. Area Rugs: What Is the Difference?

Now that you know what types of rug cleaning services we offer. You are likely wondering what is the difference is between cleaning area rugs and oriental rugs. Continue reading to learn more:

How To Clean an Area Rug?

Our area rug cleaning service will allow you to enjoy your area rug in your living room or lounge once more. Besides on-site cleaning, we also offer off-site rug cleaning to make sure the dirt does not end up in the air while we clean your rug. We recommend cleaning area rugs every 12 to 18 months. Regularly sweep your rug with a stiff brush or broom and give it a deep clean by scrubbing it with a rug shampoo from time to time. Vacuum the rug after it has dried. For professional area rug cleaning in Hempstead, NY, contact us!

How to Clean Oriental Rugs?

As part of our oriental rug cleaning service, we pay attention to the intricate details of your rug. We use a rug cleaner that is safe to clean oriental rugs. Because oriental rugs are often antiques or quite old, it's important to take special care of them during the cleaning. Placing a nylon screen over oriental rugs before vacuuming can help prevent damage. We recommend doing professional rug cleaning at least once a year. Contact us for oriental rug cleaning in Hempstead, NY!

Why Choose Professional Rug Cleaning?

It is exhausting and time-consuming to clean your rug by hand. Imagine washing and carrying a heavily soaked rug. The good news is that the process of professional rug cleaning is relatively quick. Save yourself from a tedious task by hiring a professional rug cleaning service provider instead.

As one of the most trusted and well-respected cleaning specialists in the industry, Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Hempstead goes above and beyond what customers expect of a cleaning services provider. Call us at 516-500-3774 for your free, no-obligation estimate!

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