Water Damage Problems

Water damage problems arise when water intrudes into your home or commercial building. If not detected and addressed in time, it makes your home untidy and sometimes inhabitable. This is because excess water destroys the beauty of structures like ceilings and walls and possibly can lead to mold growth. The best way to solve water issues in your home is to seek out professional water damage restoration help.

At Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Hempstead, we provide excellent water damage restoration services to residential and commercial buildings in Hempstead and other nearby areas. Call us today at 516-500-3774 to receive expert help addressing water problems.

What Causes Water Damage?

This damage occurs when excess water gets into your home or property. Some of the leading causes include the following.

Burst Pipes

Low temperatures, corrosion, or clogs can cause enough damage to burst pipes. If not detected and addressed in time, your pipes may let out excess water, causing damage to your property.

Clogged Gutters

Weeds or tree leaves may clog gutters. If you fail to clear the gutters, rainwater may accumulate and overflow into the walls of your building and leak in through windows.

Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks occur because of reasons like:

  • Weak pipe joints
  • Pipe rusts
  • Extreme temperatures
  • High water pressure.

Plumbing leaks are the major causes of excess water in your home. They mostly occur without your knowledge hence taking long to detect and address.

Faulty Appliances

Faulty appliances like washing machines and water heaters may have poor water connections, causing water to pour on the floor. Watch out for any of these causes to prevent water problems in your home or property.

What Should I Do After a Water Leak?

Any form of water leak could have significant property damage. After a water leak occurs in your home, it's wise to seek help from water damage experts like Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Hempstead. Our professionals will perform the following to address the water leak problem in your home.

Emergency Water Extraction

If the carpet is soaked through, or there is standing water in the basement, we will come in and remove the excess water with professional pumps and extraction equipment.

Conduct Water Damage Restoration

Our damage restoration service will entail the cleaning and sanitization of the affected areas. Seeking professional guidance after identifying water leaks in your home helps prevent further damage to your property.

Dry Affected Areas

We'll dry all areas affected by the leak to prevent further damage to structures or mold growth. Water damage restoration specialists will also dehumidify to speed the drying process and to ensure no moisture is left behind.

Help Document the Damage

Documenting the level of damage is important for seeking insurance compensation. Our professionals will guide you on how to document the extent of the damage and help address all details.

How Much Is Water Damage Restoration?

It's hard to give the exact price for damage restoration services since it varies depending on factors like:

  • Area damaged. Large areas will require more time and resources to restore hence costing more.
  • The severity of the damage. Excessive damage to structures means you'll have to perform several repairs and replacements.
  • Type of water. It costs more to clean areas affected by contaminated water (i.e., sewage) than clean water.
  • Type of materials affected. For example, wooden floors are expensive to replace and hence will cost more.

Based on these factors, our techs will determine the final cost of your water damage restoration project. Give us a call today and we will help you in no time!

How Do I Prevent Mold after Water Damage?

After a water issue in your home, there's a high chance of mold emerging if you don't take the necessary precautions. The first step of mold prevention is removing water from the affected areas and conducting a mold inspector appointment. Ensure all the areas are completely dry and there is no mold growth.

Second, remove wet carpets and rugs and steam clean them to remove any contaminants. Third, after removing all the water, ensure the room is kept dry and humidity below 50% to minimize mold growth.

In case of mold has already started to grow, you should seek professional mold remediation services from Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Hempstead. We have certified professionals that will help you to remove mold from your place.

Final Remarks

When a water leak happens, you need to call professionals who will help with leak identification, drying, damage documentation, and restoration. You can prevent mold by removing water, removing wet structures, dehumidification, and seeking professional mold remediation services.

At Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Hempstead, we will address all your water damage problems. Our work is guaranteed since we're certified, bonded, and insured. We also offer on-site price estimates. Call us today at 516-500-3774 to get started.


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