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Carpet deep cleaning requires going all the way through the mats and carpets to remove dust layers, stains, foul odors, etc. An even more important step of the process is deodorizing this part of your household that endures constant feet-traffic. Our certified carpet cleaners in North Hempstead carry out their job using the best equipment to clean completely without damage.

When is Deep Carpet Cleaning Necessary?

If it has started to look like your carpet is screaming for better days, it is about time you listen to it. While most of the time it is obviously dirty, sometimes look for these indications to decide whether you need a professional carpet cleaning from Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Hempstead:

  • Visible dirt patches and other stains are causing the carpet's original color to fade.
  • The dust buildup is causing your allergies to act up. You find yourself coughing and sneezing almost all the time.
  • Your kids play outside and come inside, bringing all the dirt with their shoes.
  • You own a pet that sheds hair, plays outside, etc.
  • You detect a pungent, undesirable stench from all the food spilling and foot and shoe traffic.

Even if your carpet does not have visible stains or dirt patches, it is quite possible that they are somewhere in the corners near windows, doors, AC vents, etc. So, if it has been a while since your last deep carpet cleaning session, you should call our professional carpet cleaners.

How Often Should You Go for Deep Carpet Cleaning?

When the carpet seems to be in a miserable condition, one might think of replacing it. If your carpet is not very old or completely worn out, you should get it deep cleaned. Every carpet's maintenance might have different needs depending upon its location. Your office's carpet needs professional cleaning once every twelve months. However, the one in your living room could do well for eighteen months after the service. Hence, apart from surface level cleaning, it is necessary to consider taking advantage of our professional carpet cleaning services in Hempstead at least once a year.

Carpet Stain Removal

Are you tired of the old and stubborn stains on your carpet? You may have tried everything, but the carpet still remembers it. So, now you might be considering replacing the whole thing because it is bothersome that your place does not look fresh anymore. What if we tell you that we can root those bad guys out of your carpet, leaving it looking fresh and new? It sounds too good to be true to you, right? We thought so.

At first, we evaluate what type of stain it is, whether water-soluble, solvent-soluble, or non-soluble. Then, our expert takes a closer look at the carpet's condition and thickness to estimate how long it will take to remove the stain altogether. Some stains might need time between appointments to dry out before we clean them again. Thus to deliver the best possible results, we keep enough time gap between each.

Keep Your Carpets Clean with Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Hempstead

A clean carpet can enhance any room or lobby. Besides, a carpet can survive up to ten or more years if maintained correctly. Through our effective carpet cleaning methods, we have provided high-standard services in North Hempstead, New York. Our skilled team caters to every need of yours to meet the best of your expectations.

Everything is our responsibility, from close inspection for identifying the problems to thorough cleaning via modern-age tactics. Contact Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Hempstead today at 516-500-3774 and finalize your appointment!

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